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Extend a welcoming path to your front door. An improvement to front hardscapes, whether a redesign in walkway layouts or just an upgrade in materials, makes a great enhancement to overall curb appeal.

More than just enhancing curb appeal (and property values), re-styling and renewing walkways and paths can also offer a very real safety benefit. Cracks and heaved stone, as well as weed growth between broken pieces, can present a tripping hazard and problems when clearing snow. (Remember that feeling of pushing a shovel full of snow and hitting a raised walkway stone?)

Let us design a stunning path system in front and around your home. We work with any combination of materials, including:

  • Interlock pavers
  • Natural stone slabs and flagstone
  • New and reclaimed brick
  • Poured and decorative concrete
  • Armour rock

Colours, shapes and styles are virtually limitless. Let us help you work through the options to find the combination that elevates your home and fits your budget.